Monday, July 30, 2007

The Trad'n Post 1983-84

The following story was printed in the Trad'n Post in 1983/84:

Doug Johnson lived in a downtown hotel within easy walking distance to the TSE. Doug looked out the window of his room and noticed it was snowing very heavily, phoned the office, told the manager that due to the snowfall couldn't make it to TSE. Traders living in Barrie were on the trading floor by 8.30 am.

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Friday, July 20, 2007


Please help us identify who some of these people are. If you have the originals, please send them to us.

Picture 1

From left to right: Steve Parker, George Skinner, ?, Dave Bond, Frank Pike, Jack Max, ?, Mike Green, John Manna, Jim Barkwell, ?, Herman Zander, Rick Perogi, John Massin, Wayne Burrel, Ted England

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Picture 2

From left to right: ?, ?, Len Webb, ?, ?, ?, Bill Budd, Maria Zurfelt, ?, Charlie Mitchell, Don Moss, Bob Peat, Tony Torrella

Picture 3

From left to right: Peter Green, Ron Westecott, ?, Dave Watkinson, Ron Ferracuti, Serge Dillon, Peter "Hoss", George Marshall, Al White, Gerald "Ginger" Crossman, Ernie Walker, Sogar Appleton, ?

Picture 4

From left to right: Steve Mikelis, Colin O'Handley, Tom Popowich, Larry Ferrell, Cliff Jones Jr, Paul Quenville, Norm Oliver, Kenny Johnson, Doug Jones, Ron McQuaig, Roy Black, Peter Gemakas, Don Berard, Dennis Gagarella, ?, Dave Scott, Ross Holbert, Ken

Picture 5

From left to right: Randy Martin, Jack Elliott, Darryl Georstad, Doug Bell, Russell Wittier, ?, Tony Lill, Hugh Nickel, Howard Ellis, Henry Timmins, Frank Koren, Jerry Reid, Bill Mitchell, Bobby Beggs

Picture 6

From left to right: Monty, Dennis Gargaella, Ron Westecott, Brian Bamford, Don Moss, John Ball, William Davies, Tom Fischer, "Smokey" Mark Wilson, John Moir Sr, Frank Gradini, ?

Picture 7

From left to right: Bob Warren, John "Bobo" Bazar, Bob Williams, Alec "Barney" Miller, Ross Miller, ?, Roy Coon, Bob Dunbar, Harry Abbey, Tom Fisher

Picture 8

From left to right: Mike Green, Mike Accera, Dave Luke, Bob Alexander, ?, Don McKLitterick, Len Andrews, "Moose" Raymond Ferguson, Frank Pike, Herman Zander, Joey Fricker

Picture 9

From left to right: Kenny Wegg, ?, ?, Ken MacIntosh, Wayne, "Red" Ronald Ferguson, Bob Churchill, Roger Rapson, John Morrison, Stevens, "Swish" Jim Dimsin, ?, ?, Cam Jones

Picture 10

From left to right: Wayne, Jack Ayers, Peter Post, Mike Gardner, Tom Carmichael, ?, ?, Steve Gilbert, John Morrison, Jerry Chow, Bill Schmidt, "Dixie" Jim Duggan, Bill Carnegie, Cam Jones, Dave Prince, Branscomb

Picture 11

From left to right: Pat Barry, Lorne Fallon, ?, Ed Noonan, Jim Barknell, Jack Monteith, John Lawrence, Charlie Mitchell, Dan Brown, Bill Carnegie, ?, Harry Attack, Jim Taugher

Picture 12

From left to right: Randy Martin, ?, Harry McGuire, Sue, Andy Thompson, Dave James, Jack Laudder, Tim House, Ed Dempsey, Barney Donaghy, Paul Nepalitano, Jim Ackers, ?, Ken "Helmet" "Assgrabber" Rathgeber

Picture 13

From left to right: Mr. Douglas, Ross Halbert, ?, Tom Popowich, ? Dave Sewell, Dave Tock, David Leily, Joe Ladera, Dave, Ross Brennan, Dave Scott, Dennis Gargarella, Gary, Peter Gemakas, John Ball, Arnie Coombs

Picture 14

From left to right: Peter "Hoss", Ike Ross, Jack Glass, Peter Morrison, Harley Branscombe, Chris Webster, Dave Watkinson, ?, Doug Scott, Paul Nepalitano, Lou Jones, Pat Driscoll, Harry McGuire, Ron Westcott

Picture 15

From left to right: Bill Budd, Ian Torrance, Scott Douglas, Don Moss, Carl Christie, Maria Zurfelt, John Lang, Brian Gordon, Frank Gamble, Cliff Jones Sr, Bill Pirie, Larry Walker, George Eagleson, Fran Korn

Picture 16

From left to right: Jack Monteith, Dave Farr, Ed Noonan, Roger Pesce, Bert Charmichael, Joe Hannan, Charlie Faltless, ?, ?, ?, Gary Sneddon, ?

Picture 17

From left to right: Joe, ?, ?, ?, ?, Pat Shea, ?, ?, John "Bobo" Bazar, ?, ?, Bruce Kirby, Charlie "Chuck" Faltless, ?

Picture 18

From left to right: Bob Christie, ?, Howard Jones, John Ball, Nick Ioannou, Bob Point, ?, ?, Kenny Rozell, Sam Branscomb, Bob Williams, Chris, Gord Fenn, Steve Welch, Len Webb, Bob Morakami, Roy Coon