Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Photos from Carl Christie

Help us identify some of these people by posting a COMMENT below.
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1. In this picture:

2. In this picture: Herman Zander, Dave Bond
3. In this picture: Chris Carley, Scott Zufelt, Lorne Aronson, Jimmy Ackers, Peter Gooderham, Larry Farrell, Chris Webster, Andy Fricker
4. In this picture:


JimmyMAc said...

On Pic#3
Chris Carley (@ 175), Scott Zufelt Lorne Aronson, Jimmy Ackers, Peter Gooderham, LArry Farrell, Chris Webster and Andy Fricker

MY TSE LIFE said...

In Pic# 2
Herman Zander and Dave Bond

Anonymous said...


Barney and George Smith

Anonymous said...

#4 Trerry Sherin

JimmyMac said...

Also in Pic# 1
Jimmy Dimson, Mark Grimes, Teddy Gamble, Peter Morrison, Bob 'CRUNCH' Warren
and a yellow bucket!