Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post 6 Christmas Party

From Donna Ackers.

Help us identify some of these people by posting a COMMENT below.
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1. In this picture: Gary Molson, David Unger, Rob Mellon, Doug Fallon
2. In this picture:
3. In this picture: Terri Ackers, Caroline, Al Marceline, Mark Haughton, Lester


Anonymous said...

In picture #2, at the front in orange, Ray Swatik behind him to the left something Mitchell, Bob christie and to the right Peter "Scooter" Bowers and Cliff "Cool" Jones

jimmymac said...

Seeing my old friend Mark Houghton in all these party pics makes it very hard to believe he is dead. He was such a fun guy to party with. Cheers pal!