Friday, February 15, 2008

TSE Hockey Team

From Marjorie Koren.

In the late '50's (after 1957) or early '60's on at least two occasions a hockey team from the Montreal Stock Exchange came to Toronto to play against a team from the TSE at Ted Reeve Arena. I think there was also a bowling competition. Here are the team pictures.

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1. In this picture: George Best, Blair "Dusty" Graham, Jimmy, Frank Koren
2. In this picture: Blair "Dusty" Graham, George Best, Frank Koren
3. In this picture: Jack Crumb


JimmyMac said...

I heard John Ferguson Jr. on a local radio station describing some memories from his youth including many memories from the great rivalry between the Montreal Canadians and the arch-rival Toronto Maple Leafs. One was the pleasure his father John Ferguson would get from going to the open gallery on the floor of the 'old' exchange and taunting all of the floor traders, who naturally despised the famed pugalist winger for the Montreal Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Jack Crumb is on the right in Picture #3

Anonymous said...

Picture 1 - Front Row , L-R

Chris Walroth , Pat Driscoll , ? ,
Kenny Lucas , Ronny Howard , Tommy Simpson

Back Row , L-R

"Dusty" Graham , Jimmy Howard , Frank Koren , Charlie Ellis , Barry Goring , Frank Henry , Jimmy Wolfson , ? , ? , Bob MacIntyre , Jack Elliott

( names submitted by Doug Mowatt )