Friday, March 28, 2008

Photos from Carl Christie

Help us identify some of these people by posting a COMMENT below.
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1. In this picture: Tom Milligan, Clarence Hunter
2. In this picture:
3. In this picture: Tom Milligan
4. In this picture: Gary O'Connell
5. In this picture:


Anonymous said...

#1 Tom Milligan and Clarence Hunter

#3 To Milligan

#4 Gary O'Connell

Anonymous said...

#2 Jack Dunbar and Lenny Amon

MY TSE LIFE said...

In Pic# 5
My old friend Bob Mullet with William Davies in the 'Prisioner' costume (as in the TV series) and Chris Carley and Russ MArtin behind the blue elbow.

JimmyMac said...

In Pic# 4
I believe that's Paul Barry talking to Gary

JimmyMac said...

In Pic# 2
I also see Mike Binns, Kim Beuler, Pat Driscol

JimmyMac said...

In Pic# 3
Tom Milligan is carrying the traditional 'Govenor's Bat' which was used to settle most disputes on the floor....JK folks!