Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photos from Chris Martin

Help us identify some of these people by posting a COMMENT below.
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1. In this picture:

2. In this picture: Ron Lucas, Mike Green
3. In this picture: Chris Cooke
4. In this picture: Herb Goodchild, Kim Beuler, Jack Dunbar, Chris Martin


Anonymous said...

Picture 4 - Herb Goodchild

Anonymous said...


Ron Lucas and Mike Green

JimmyMac said...

In Pic#4 it is so sad to see Kim Beuler and Jack Dunbar, both great guys who have passed. Chris Martin is doing a trade with Kim.

Anonymous said...

#3 -Chris Cooke in the tophat

jimmymac said...

In Pic# 1
Chris MArtin, Steve Gilbert, Jim MAcPherson, Kim Beuler, Scott Cook, Zero, Roy Lewer, Jim McGann Jr., Dave Tuck, Lorne Nickle, Jack Max, Adrian?, Jimmy Ackers, Mike Green, Brian Duff, Emilio, Gord Gladney.