Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Exchange on the Move - May 9, 1983

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In this picture: Bill Pirie, Gary O'Connell, Tom Milligan, Bob Beggs, Doug Mowatt,Jim Taugher, Al Hawkins, Tom Carley, Tim Barber, John Peirson, Frank Pike, Bob Govan

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John Manna said...

The two traders carrying the banner are no longer with us: Bill Pirie and Gary O'Connell.

The next row has (left to right)Tom Milligan, Bob Beggs, Doug Mowatt,Jim Taugher and Al.

Behind Tom Milligan is Tom Carley. Behind Doug Mowatt is Tim Barber (Floor Official). Behind Jim Taugher is John Peirson (Floor Manager) and behind Peirson is Frank Pike. It could be Bob Govan behind Al Hawkins.