Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Busy at Work

Help us identify these people by posting a COMMENT below.

1. In this picture: Dave "Arnold" Farr, Peter "Scooter" Bowers
2. In this picture: Rob Russell, Bob Christie, Doug Christie
3. In this picture: Norm Rogers, Mike Binns, Barney Donahue, Chuck Faultless, Gordie Bellchambers


Anonymous said...

Rob Russell not Peter Barker

John Manna said...

In picture #3 - in the background with hand on glasses is Mike Binns.

Anonymous said...

In the first picture immediate foreground Dave "Arnold" Farr

Anonymous said...

Pic. 3 - Looks like Gordie Bellchambers to me.

JimmyMac said...

Also in Pic #1 you will find Steve Adams, Brent Schwalm, Bob 'Crunch' Warren, Bernie Shapiro, Mike Mazzula, Norm Rogers and the top of Jimmy Dimson's head!