Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trading Jackets

While most of the trading jackets were boring plain colours, Gordon Capital and ScotiaMcLeod (McLeod Young Weir) used their Scottish tartans to identify their traders.

The trading jackets served a useful purpose since it was necessary to quickly identify traders from specific firms. The easier it was to find a trader, the more trades that trader usually made. The McLeod tartan was certainly the easiest to spot.

Here is Ken Rathgeber suited for action in his McLeod tartan jacket. Ken shrewdly pointed out to senior management that he thought getting the McLeod tartan jackets would be good idea. He neglected to tell them that the McLeod clan tartan was his maternal clan.

Ken is holding his trading book containing all of his active orders, and trade tickets. You can also see where he has his trading badge pinned just above his breast pocket. The breast pocket is stuffed with completed trade tickets that will be given to his phone clerk once he returns to the booth for more orders.

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