Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Elliot's Wedding - May 30, 1990

From Donna Ackers. Oddly, there were no pictures of Elliot or his bride.

1. In this picture: Darren Cudmore, Jeff Gamble, Howie Oram, Kal Bheghani, Gord Gladney, Tony Oram, Bill Manos, Terri Ackers, Gary Baker, Kim O'Neil, Dave Stephens, Anna Carlucci, Donny Greco, Angie Oram, Patty Knick, Lisa Stephens, Doug Stephens
2. In this picture: Howie Oram, Darren Cudmore, Jeff Gamble, Tony Oram, Kal Bhegani, Gord Gladney, Bill Manos, Gary Baker, Dave Stephens


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curtis03 Lewis said...

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