Friday, January 18, 2008

Photos from Steve Welch

1. 1982

In this picture: Jim Taugher, Steve Welch, Chuck Faultless
2. 1982

In this picture: Andy Fricker, Frank Koren, George Ellerby
3. 1982

In this picture: Steve Mihalis, Gord Gladney, Steve Welch, J.J., Doug Christie
4. Tall Ships June 1984

In this picture: Paul Naponitano, Billy Budd, Alex Phillips, Tony Torella


Terry G said...

That sure looks like a young Doug Christie in photo #3.

Anonymous said...

#3 is Doug Christie
Steve Mihalis not Minalis

Jim Taugher
Steve Welch
Chuck Faultless

jimmymac said...

In Pic# 3, that's Lorne Aronson behind Stevie's head. Seated between Gord and Lorne is, I believe, Victoria (Vicky). Great Girl!