Thursday, January 3, 2008


I worked on Bay Street at the old exchange back in 1979, 1980 and 1981. I think if my memory serves me Don Bainbridge was president back then, before Jimmy Ackers. Wow, the pictures and names sure do bring back a lot of memories. GREAT memories. What a fun time! Before political correctness and sexual harassment. When fun and pranks were just plain old fun. And it was all belly laugh - make your stomach hurt kind of fun! I can't think of a time in my life that I was more excited to get up and go to work than when I worked on the floor. It was a changing era, and I am forever grateful for having been lucky enough to have been a small part of it.

I was hired by Jimmy Taugher and initially worked for Burgess Graham Securities as a phone clerk while I pursued my license under the watchful eye of Peter Conacher (who was such a gentleman and blushed constantly). Mike Accera was the pro on BMO and mentored me. Howard Ellis and Donny Hamilton over in CATS also worked at Burgess at the time. After achieving my license, I became the only female equities floor trader at the time. There were females in options, but none on the floor. Jimmy explained I'd be breaking new ground, and would have to be able to tolerate a bunch of chauvinistic men. "What fun!" I thought to myself. The guys would try to embarrass me with some of the jokes they would tell. I would add their jokes to my collection and then watch them blush as I shared one of my own. The practical jokes and antics were second to none. The introduction of vibrating pagers on the floor proved for some hilarious moments. I can't remember the occasion, but I do recall coming in one morning and one of the posts being used as a clothes line sporting nothing but women's bras. There were telephone gags going on constantly. There was work being done, but the energy on that floor was unlike anything I've ever experienced since. I even tried my hand at the Chicago Board of Options, but it just wasn't the same.

Burnt toast for breakfast - who remembers that? We all used to order it that way - for real. And the Cork Room, you had to stop... for just one. $300 power lunches at Hye' many memories...of the best job in the world.

I came up with the likes of Matt Taugher, Jack Dunbar (who passed away from cancer in the late 80's), Rick Walker, Billy Walsh, John Moir Jr, Bruce Kirkby, Peter ?? (most of whom are not in any of the pictures). I really have not kept in contact with any of them and will watch closely to see how everyone is doing.

My stint on the floor was short-lived as I went to Jamaica with then post clerk Tracey Brown and met my current husband. Moved to Chicago and raised a family. Many of the guys from the floor shared my wedding with me at Glen Abby in Oakville.

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