Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mr. Big's Day in the Dumps

Mr. Big, the trader with the highest nose on the TSE, was excited to be driving his best friend's Rolls Royce that day. Big parked his vehicle in the executive spot reserved especially for this occassion.

At 4:00PM the bell rang and the day was done. Big and his friend may have gone to the Cork Room (trader's bar) for a couple of libations & caviar. Possibly a few drinks later, they left. As they pulled out of the parking lot, the sky was dark and the street lights were dim. The car though, was a smooth ride and Big couldn't wait to push it into high gear. Foot on pedal, the car roared like a lion hungry for power. In the dark, Big didn't notice the construction zone of the new Royal building across the street. The car roared and roared and alas, they swerved into the hole 35 feet below ground. The Rolls Royce was shiny no more. And the friend? He was not impressed.

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