Monday, August 27, 2007


My Stock Market career began in 1955 when I was hired by Ross Knowles & Co. Limited as a Clearing Clerk at their Adelaide Street Office. In December 1957, I was fortunate to fill a Phone Clerk vacancy on the Floor where I remained under the watchful eye and careful guidance of John (Steamer) Lucas. He was well respected on the Floor and he became my mentor for many years to come. Other traders that I remember working with at Ross Knowles were Bob Hamilton, Harold Mayne and Jerry Popplestone. Ross Knowles later merged with Pitfield MacKay and the firm became Pitfiled MacKay Ross, aka PMR. At Pitfield, I remember Frank Dunbar, Walter Summerhill, Don Woods and Don Walker. Other old-timers that I remember working with over the years included Don (Bulgy) Miller, Bob Miller, Jim Moran and Dennis Cannon. Some time later, PMR merged with Dominion Securities Ames and became Dominion Securities Pitfield. When I left DS in 1985, I traded for First Canada Securities until my retirement in 1989.

I continue to miss my daily contact, fellowship and camaraderie I shared with my colleagues and which I continue to miss to this day, some eighteen years later.


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Jimmy was so great to talk to and always an uplifting word. He is one of the good people I miss beimg around. Jim MacPherson

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This is great info to know.