Monday, August 27, 2007

Nice Sunroof!

One great passtime on the trading floor was pulling gags on fellow traders. One of the best that I remember involved Doug Scott, the best gagster on the floor and Jim Ackers, one of the most mercurial traders working on the floor.

One Monday, Jim showed up late for work and told many traders that he was getting a sun roof put on his new Cadillac and he was very excited about it. Unfortunately, the word got to Doug Scott, who was exceptional with telephone gags. Sometime in the early afternoon, Doug, with a disguised voice called Jim to tell him the sun roof job was completed and that he was very satisfied with the job he had done and that Jim could come and pick it up anytime. The prankster Doug then told Jim that he must be one of the nicest men in the whole world, which took the mercurial Jim by surprise and Jim wanted to know why he said that. Prankster Doug told him that he had put hundreds of sun roofs on cars and this was the first time a request had come in for a sun roof for the passengers in the back seat.

Needless to say, after a few expletives, the telephone receiver went flying into the air.

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