Tuesday, August 21, 2007


During my high school years (Port Credit High School) I worked three summers as a post clerk on the trading floor at 234 Bay Street. Posts 2, 3 and 9 is where I was told to "behave like I knew what was going on." Unfortunately, I didn't earn enough to allow me to spend more that one year in a journalism course at Carleton College in Ottawa (before it became Carleton University).

I joined McLeod Young Weir & Company Limited on September 17, 1957, traded half the floor with Laurie Williams doing the other half.

In 1988 Bank of Nova Scotia purchased MYW, renamed it ScotiaMcLeod. I'm still there. No, I'm not in a rut! I happen to like it. I even like working with Kenny Assgrabber.

Fred's quote: "Don't Screw Up!"

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