Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Busy at Work

Here are some very nice shots from both the old & new floors.

Picture 1

Bill Parker and Rick Craig
Picture 2

Dave Turner at Post 11, 1960
Picture 3

Facing the camera: Len Amon, Iain Davies
Back to the camera: "Squeak" Mckellar, Ted England, Derek Smith, Johnny "GM" Massin

Help us identify the rest of these people by posting a comment below.


John Manna said...

The Derek is Derek Smith. The person on the extreme right with a trading book in his left hand is Johnny "GM" Massin.

JimmyMac said...

Looks like Jimmy 'swish' Dimson and 'squeak' on the far left with Teddy England in the middle...all facing away from the cam.