Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Trader Talk at the TSE

Some of the stuff below may be politically incorrect today - but they were a fact of life on the floor.

    An old time trader used to shout out when the market was falling: "A rally for the shorts". His name was Fred Bignall with Matthews and Company.
    Another old time trader used to shout when the market was falling: "Now here this--- Dive, Dive, Dive." His name was Eddie Behan with A. E. Ames.
    New traders often asked about whom to call from a particular firm. A common name given was Bob Loblaw. When yelling the name it sounded like: "Bob Bla La".
    One new trader, from the London Stock Exchange was embarrassed when he asked a particular trader on how to cross stock. He was told to yell out in a loud clear voice: "Ally ally ukfey, I have stock to cross today". He did so and to older traders he is still called "Alley Alley". He is still in the business today.
    A trader named Jack White was know as "Rinso". At the time a local soap detergent company advertised "rinso whiteness".
    A trader whose name was John Steele was know by the name "Stainless".
    A trader who dyed his hair a red - orange was called "Rusty".
    A trader, who was overweight was called: Willy Lump Lump.
    A trader, who was overweight was called: 'Round One".
    A trader, whose first name was Ike - was often called "Ike the Dike".
    Nobody ever new the real names of "Moose" and "Red". Both worked for Scotia Capital.
    A trader named Gerry Reed - was often called "Greedy Reedy".
    One of our first RT's, Bill Pirie was often called: "Mr. Big".
    One trader with a larger than normal nose was called: "Snorkel".
    One trader with a larger than normal nose was called:" Beakie".
    One female input operator was often called: "Fatal Attraction".
    One trader who used to dye his hair blonde was often called: "Golden".
    One trader who chewed gum all the time was called: "Grouper".
    One older trader who was follicly challenged used to say: "God created all kinds of heads: round ones, square one and pointed ones, and the ones he didn't like he covered with hair".
    One trader who was exceptional tall was called: "Too Tall".
    One trader who was tall with a large nose was often called: "Stork".
    One trader who had a bad temper was often called: "Charles Manson".
    One trader who had a long last name with many different letters was often called: "Rick Alphabet".
    One trader who had a large bald spot on the back of his head was called: "Cyclops".
    One short trader was often called: "Stumpy".
    One trader who had a farm with animals was called: "Cow Pie".

By John Manna


Anonymous said...

What about a trader named Prince- was called "someday" as in "someday my prince will come"!
What about Ken Wagg who named most of these people and don't forget "thumbs"!

Anonymous said...

There was also "Squeak McKellar"
who name was neither squeak nor Mckellar.

Anonymous said...

This discussion is not complete without a brief discussion about 'God'! When on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchance, any mention of 'God' was of course a direct reference to Don Bainbridge.

JimmyMac said...

Some of my favourite 'floor nick names' included Ralph 'Radar' Ditchburn
'Paul the Wop' Nopolitano
'Freaky Pete'
Freddy 'Squeak'
Chris 'Piss' Martin (but only by Stevie Gilbert)
Bob 'Crunch' Warren
Nick 'The Knife'

sandra conroy said...

and there was mad dog of course

Wayne Tuttle said...

Do you remember "Put Through" Carl Christy and/or Doug Gunn use to toss a nieve young floor clerk through the bottom of the dead posts. That post clerk left the trading floor to work with Merrill Lynch for 10 years. Now living in Welland he is the owner of two successful on-line stores. Does the name Wayne Tuttle ring a bell?