Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Day in the Life of an RT - Dave Stephens

5:00 wake up early... must add highlights to hair
6:00 get wife's breakfast ready
6:30 load bike in car
6:35 get on biking gear
7:30 park car 1 block from exchange
7:35 bike to work
8:00 pick up Smokey's breakfast
8:30 deliver opens to booth
9:00 adjust all my markets that I am the RT on
"Kill all my bid on VOY. Kill all my offerings on VOY."
"Kill all my bids on BSW. Kill all my offerings on BSW."
9:15 Put up Smokey's opens
10:00 Trading is vigourous. Must scramble to correct errors on trades missed on openings because of the ridiculous rules that our firm voted for.
10:30 Pick up cheesebread for Smokey
10:45 Cheesebread not toasted, must return it... Pretend I'm going to a meeting
11:30 Get Smokey's first lunch... veal on kaiser
12:30 Pick up milkshakes... Pretend I'm going to a meeting
1:00 Get 2 O'Henry's
1:30 Pick up Smokey's 2nd lunch
2:00 Get cherry pie for Smokey
2:45 Get frozen yogurt for Smokey... Pretend I'm at a meeting
3:58 Clean up errors
4:00 Busy day over... load bike in car.

- Courtesy of Fred Ketchen

For a copy of the real interview with Dave by Directions magazine, e-mail Simone at

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