Wednesday, September 12, 2007


In the beginning there was the TSE, then along came fiesty Fionnuala in 1979. Under the tutelage of Tommy Milligan, she transitioned from phone clerk (a strategy designed to get her to pay attention to her duties) to option's floor trader during the crazy days of the National Energy Program and Robert Bond and Jimmy Barkwell. From there Fionnuala waddled with the tuxedo'd traders from 234 Bay St to the new trading floor where she had already made her mark as the champion of women's rights. Without her, there might not have been a women's washroom on the trading floor.

Fionnuala moved from options market making to a virtual marriage with Mike Mazulla becoming Fionnuala Mazulla. From equity trading she moved to the Exchange as a Floor Official along side John Manna who turned out to be one of her most valuable mentors (thank you John). She experienced the excitement of Black Monday and the fabulous Friday's when the 33333s kept spirits high. How she survived Bainbride, Chisholm and Christie no one knows for sure but working with Jimmy Taugher and Kenny Assgraber as staff support for the Trading Floor Committee were some of her most memorable and positive experiences. Rumour has it Fionnuala left the TSX to have a baby but if you look hard enough you can find her under the falling marble tiles of BMONB thrilled that she has been fortunate enough to have worked in this industry.

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