Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thinking Outside the Box

My favourite story from the floor is one about Bob Beggs. Bob decided to stay downtown one Thursday to have a social evening with some of the traders, drinks I mean. Well, late into the night Bob gets to his GO station and realizes that he doesn’t have enough money to take his $15.00 cab ride to his home. Not wanting to phone his wife Karen to have her retrieve him, Bob walks to a nearby pizza joint. He enquires if they deliver to the area where he lives. The answer was “yes”. He then asks how much it would cost for a pizza. The pizza was going to cost $8.00. Bob then asked if he could ride along with the pizza delivery man when he delivered it to his home. Once again the answer was ‘yes”. This worked out perfect. Bob had $11.00 left in his pocket. He got an $8.00 pizza, tipped the driver $3.00 and a $15.00 taxi ride all for $11.00.

By Ken Rathgeber

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