Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I began working at the TSE in July 1985 as an input operator/post clerk on Post 8. My intention had been to work for a year before “going back to school”. Well, as with many of us in this business, “back to school” never materialized !! The opportunities for advancement and pay increase were pretty good for a 20 year old kid, and by 1990 I had become a Post Supervisor. In March 1990 I left the TSE to pursue a career in music, which didn’t pay the bills very well, and I came back to the TSE in 1993, and have remained ever since.

Since 1993 I have had the opportunity to work in many areas at the TSE/TSX, including the trading floor again, the CATS Testing/Training Department, and Trading Services. While in the Training Dept. I worked with many floor traders in obtaining their CATS licenses, and preparing for the electronic trading environment after floor closure. I also trained many traders on the Torex trading terminals, that were the next step up from the old “color coded” CATS terminals that some of you will fondly remember! Currently I am the Manager of Market Quality, which involves interaction with many areas of the business, and different types of traders. Much of my time involves close interaction with the Market Making (RT) community. I also provided assistance with Wide Distributions, Special Transactions, and assistance with TSX Rules and Policies both internally and externally.

Although I never had the opportunity to work on the old floor on Bay Street, I was able to experience many years on the new floor, and it had to be some of the best times I’ve had in my working life. What I remember most was the comraderie, and unique floor humour that helped everyone deal with any stresses of the market. I worked directly with some great traders and post staff, and it’s always fun speaking with those of us still in the business.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vic...
I was so sure that the music was the way to go for you. I remember those crazy days in the old studio. Great times with you & Darko & the boys.
Glad things worked out in the biz world.

Jim MacPherson